Celebrating African American History month 2: Ben Vereen

Prose, Poetry and Ponderings

I had a flash back to the most important information on race that I received as a young person. It was through the mini-series, Roots. Alex Haley’s novel-turned-tv series, chronicling his own family history was such an amazing, awful, beautiful series, that I still remember pieces of it today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaIpUVD16ds

I loved some of those characters! One of them was played by Ben Vereen, the amazing dancer whose has one of the most beautiful faces on the planet. He played the memorable character, Chicken George.ben vereen2

I watched Vereen for years as a dancer and was enthralled by his talent, his enthusiasm, and how he made me feel I could do anything when he flew across the floor in jazz or tap dance.

That is a gift. When someone creates their life, shares it, and somehow imparts a sense that the others in the room could become whatever they want to be ……

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