Indigenous stereotypes

Stereotypes and Lateral Violence are rife in mainstream media, good to see some honest reporting going on here Sean, Good work!

Sean Q Lee - author and columnist

Indigenous Australians are often judged by unfair stereotypes. Bad news sells and the papers love nothing better than stories with negative connotations. So it is with the reporting of Aboriginal issues.

Sport, music and art is helping to break down these stereotypes, but even then, the misbehaving few can reflect badly on the larger population.

My latest article on The Roar examines how the actions of one can influence the views and opinions of outsiders looking in.

“When Liam Jurrah, fresh from being found not guilty to serious assault charges in Alice Springs last week, found himself in custody over Easter due to new allegations, the under breath mutterings of many football fans and interested observers was not ‘bloody footballers’, but ‘bloody Aborigines.’”

Read it here –

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