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NEWS update: On Wednesday we will present the first of our interviews with our political leaders. This week The Stringer will online our interview with the Leader of the Coalition, Tony Abbott. This first feature-length interview with Mr Abbott covers issues in reference to Aboriginal Australia. There will be future interviews with Mr Abbott on the myriad issues affecting Australians – including on our Asylum Seekers, homelessness, and the economy. Similarly, The Stringer will soon bring to you interviews with all our political leaders – the ALP, the Greens, Liberals, Nationals, the Independents and so on.

We are also keen to share with you that in the 40 days we have been bringing to you The Stringer we have been reaching an audience in such high numbers that it was beyond our expectations. We are establishing both a healthy national reach and an international social reach. On a regular basis we are reaching an audience in excess of 100,000, and we will continue to do our best to reach many more people.

The Stringer went live February 20

Some of our stories from the last week include:

Chief Justice orders Woodside as respondent

April 5, 2013

On Friday, Western Australian Chief Magistrate Wayne Martin ordered Woodside to be a respondent in the legal action launched by Goolarabooloo Traditional Owner Richard Hunter and by The Wilderness Environment Protection Authority.

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Traditional Owners outraged by Browse LNG works State Government deadline

April 5, 2013

Goolarabooloo Traditional Owners are outraged that the WA Department of Regional Development and Lands (RDL) is threatening to clear the way for Woodside’s drilling in the sensitive dune system near James Price Point.

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Butler calls for an end to the tyranny of our youth seeking confirmation of Aboriginality

April 5, 2013

“I am at wits end! I have reached my tether at the almost daily request for support from our young Aboriginal and Islander (including the Torres Strait) youth who are continually experiencing rejection from Aboriginal Organisations when they are seeking Confirmation of our Aboriginality.”

“The young people this is happening to are the current children of the Stolen Generations and their grandchildren.”

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Broome residents urge for the rejection of the application for the 857 Transient Workers Camp

April 5, 2013

Many do not understand why the application is proceeding while the Woodside led joint venture decision is still up in the air.

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Legal action commences on EPA’s approval for James Price Point gas hub

April 4, 2013

Mr Hunter and The  Wilderness Society are seeking a judicial review of the decision made around the proposal to locate the LNG precinct at Walmadany.

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Federal government green light uranium mining for WA

April 4, 2013

Western Australia will be exporting uranium within two years after the Federal Government granted environmental approval to Toro Energy’s Wiluna project.

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Legal action launched today to quash decision to imprison children in adult prison

April 3, 2013

But Judges, lawyers and human rights advocates have argued that transferring the children to an adult prison was a breach of the Youth Offenders Act.

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First uranium mine in WA may mean 40 uranium mines by 2030

April 3, 2013

“Uranium should stay in the ground. It can hurt our Country, the environment, our people, our children, our children’s children,” said Mr Cooke.

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Prisoners are people too

April 3, 2013

The basic human rights that we take for granted are absent in prisons all across Australia. This degrades a prisoner’s sense of empowerment and control over their lives, leading to a less safe environment when they are released and needing to take responsibility of their own lives.

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Cuts to Single Parent payments lead to hardship

April 2, 2013

“My name is Bronwyn Ryan.”

In her story she said that being a lone parent was not a matter of choice. It was not an option.

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Two prisoners found dead – Silverwater

April 1, 2013

“You’ve got prisoners living in third-world conditions. We’ve got mattresses on the floor and prisoners sleeping within one metre of a toilet that 14 other prisoners have to use,” said Mr Tilbrook.

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Some of The Stringer’s most widely read stories include:

Australia’s pathway to poverty – bridging visas

March 30, 2013

The Australian Government’s hard on refugees policy is creating an underclass of people – many condemned to an itinerant lifestyle and many condemned to living on the streets.

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Australia’s Aboriginal children – The world’s highest suicide rate

February 27, 2013

2012’s total spend on Aboriginal communities reached $25 billion yet Australia’s Aboriginal youth suicide rates remain high – cruelly disproportionate to the rest of the Australian population.This horror is played out the world over for Indigenous peoples but Australia’s Aboriginal peoples are at the top of this tragic list.

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There are scores more stories, localised, national and international, you can choose from to read – and share with others –

Your feedback, news tips, ideas for stories and your own submissions are welcome – you can send any of these into us via the various links on the news site.

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