The shared shaded Australian Community Tree by Marvyn McKenzie

I posted this comment on the Facebook Group ‘Proud Aussies who understand why January 26th is called Invasion Day’ and wanted to preserve and share it with those of you who may not be members of this Group, and have given permission for Uncle Brian and Nicci to share it with the Lateral Love Australia family too. ~ Walha Udi Marvyn Mc
The Shared Shaded Australian Community Tree

The shared shaded Australian Community Tree

It goes like this…
On the road towards the far off future day when finally our Peoples, Aboriginal Peoples, can finally stop, sit and rest under the shared shaded Australian Community Tree, as true and respected honoured equals, there must be some past, present and future barriers that need to be identified, addressed and removed, along the travelled troubled way.
The current date of celebrating Australia Day is one such identified past, present and future barrier that needs to be removed once and for all along this travelled troubled way.
The current Australian Flag is another.
A minority group of our Fellow Australians have empathy with us and so they are freely invited to join in with us on our journey, as Fellow Friends, Fellow Equals, and as Fellow Country Men, but there also always remain a majority crowd of stubbornness peoples, who heckle us constantly, through their own ignorance, along the way.
“You are your own worst enemies”, some of the ignorant multitudes shout out and loudly say.
“Victims unto yourselves, forever trapped in the past” some shout further with glee and pride.
Some of the multitudes accuse us of trying to place a Black Armband View of Australian History upon their arms, but as a result of their constant din of ignorant shouting, they fail to hear our simple plea: “Take off your White Armband View of Australian History that you continue to wear and teach today”.
Sadly, in the multitude sea of stubborn crowded faces I look and what do I see?
I see some of my very own Peoples and Kin hiding in amidst them, and joining in with the large crowd’s constant ignorance heckling.
Therefore “Come out from among them, for the time being, be separate from them and instead walk with us”, says I, “for that is what the multitude once saw of us – a separate people and race from them, who laws did not apply.”
I may never get to reach and finally rest under the future shaded shared Australian Community Tree, but I have faith and belief in my Fellow Travellers, both old and young, black, white, yellow, red and brindle, that one day one of my future descendants will surely do so, and he or she will surely do so as a direct result of my own personal small endeavours and walk along the way.
Continue to walk proudly along the way my children even when I may one day stumble and fall, and die and get left behind…Continue walking towards a brighter future under that far off, over the horizon, shared shaded Australian Community Tree.
by Marvyn McKenzie

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