Girls' Globe

Shadeism, also known as coloursim refers to:

“…the discrimination based on skin tone, which exists amongst members of the same community, creating a ranking of a person’s individual worth based on shade. Shadeism is common in communities of colour across the world, and it is also an issue that people of colour experience whilst living as part of diasporic communities outside their native lands.” – Shadeism

Shadeism, a short independent film, is the work of a collective of women living and creating art in Toronto, Canada.  I first saw the film two years ago after it was sent to me by a friend following our own discussion of colourism, it’s roots and the harm it does within our own community.  While both men and women are affected by the discrimination inflicted by shadeism; women and girls – all the more objectified and subjected to the pressures of impossible beauty…

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