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ITEC team a group of stars

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SAM 0025-convertedThe ITEC Employment team in Tennant Creek have done some amazing work in the last 6 month period. While they always do a great job, this last 6 months has been particularly exciting because the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations found that their results were of such a high standard that they achieved a coveted five-star rating – the highest any Job Services Australia Provider can achieve.

As Kylie Hargraves, the Tennant Creek Site Manager says, ‘…stability is a big thing – we have had a strong team for a while now and although a couple of people have left, we remained strong through the hard times instead of giving up….’

Kylie says that another key component of the Site’s success is that she has worked in all the positions in the past as she worked her way up to Site Manager and knows the expectations of each role.

Kylie coaches all her staff so each team member applies the same conventions and operates from the same understanding. She is also grateful for the support she receives from ITEC’s Head Office in Cairns.

Of her team, Kylie says, ‘Everyone has the opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions which means that everyone feels comfortable enough to challenge me which helps me learn even more about the people I work with and the job itself.

One of the main reasons that employers come back to ITEC Employment is that the team actually spends time with jobseekers after they have been placed in a job. They keep in close contact so the jobseeker is aware of exactly how he or she is being assisted. Employers appreciate this and can see that the service doesn’t stop when the jobseeker is placed.

What’s more, it’s not just the team who are singing their praises. Carmel Wolf from the Tennant Creek Childcare Centre was effusive about the ITEC Employment Team, ‘Their service is fabulous – all staff are 100% behind their jobseekers and they interact with them in such a way that they don’t feel shamed when their Case Manager comes in to work to visit them and see if they are happy and doing well. They have a knack of working with jobseekers with the real difficult issues too.’ For any team this observation from Ms Wolf would be considerable praise indeed and corroboration of their five-star status, but for a team as young as they are, it’s more than an observation of their ability as a team now, it serves as an indicator of the sort of career that lays in wait for them all.

However the Tennant Creek ITEC Team is not always focussed on work, work and more work. Although their achievements might belie that statement, they also have what they call, ‘Motivational Months’ where they play games have morning teas and prizes for the team member who achieves their targets.

Kylie’s last comment says it entirely, ‘All in all it comes down to the team and keeping everyone strong’.

Clearly the Tennant Creek ITEC Employment site promotes the adage that ‘Productivity and satisfaction are increased with a strong, cohesive team where attrition is minimal’. Congratulations ITEC Employment Tennant Creek on such a successful rating period! May there be many more to come!

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