Daisy Kadibil talks about her escape along the rabbit-proof fence, 2009


Daisy Kadibil talks about her escape along the rabbit-proof fence, 2009

Daisy Kadibil talks about her escape along the rabbit-proof fence, 2009

Daisy Kadibil was a small child when she was taken away from her family as part of the Stolen Generations. She and her sisters, Molly and Gracie, used the rabbit-proof fence to find their way back home to Jigalong from Moore River Native Settlement north of Perth, a journey of about 1600 kilometres. Molly’s daughter, Doris Pilkington (Nugi Garimara), wrote Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence (1996) after several years of interviewing her mother and Aunt Daisy. The book was later made into Phillip Noyce’s award-winning film Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002).

5 thoughts on “Daisy Kadibil talks about her escape along the rabbit-proof fence, 2009

  1. Sandra is my cousin and although my family were not part of the stolen generation my father lived in shame of being aboriginal. My father never told us of our heritage nor did he ever acknowledge it. It was only during the 70s that myself and my siblings became aware of our heritage. My grandmother left her aboriginal family at the age of 16, she married and raised her children in the white mans world only returning to her family to introduce each of her three children. So sad we can never go back and we will never know the love and support stolen from us. Proudly aboriginal today and thankful that the story of Daisy Kadibili is recorded and respected.

  2. This is wonderful. I have now-deceased relatives that as children, were taken from their Cherokee families by the USA government. They were placed in special schools that were really just cruel orphanages curing them of their savageness. It is inspiring to hear that Daisy found her way home.

  3. Such a sad and tragic story that affected so very many Aboriginal families, including mine, in such a direct way. Four generations on my mums side were taken away. Nugi Garimara (Doris Pilkington) who wrote ‘Along The Rabbit Proof Fence’ and ‘Caprice- a Stockman’s Daughter’ is my cousin on my mums side, this amazing lady is my aunty Daisy..

  4. I am Charmaine Erica Bilney! I am part of the Stolen Generation. I was taken away by the white people and I ended up in United States of America. My Adoptive Mother told me my Birth name on the death bed, so instead of being an only child I did my research and now have 14 brothers and sisters that I still have not had the chance to meet, because I am still in the United States. I am 55 years old today!!

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