? Question of the Day ?

How do you all think we can stamp out Lateral Violence and replace it with Lateral Love in our Families and Communities?

Comments appreciated!

Spirit of Uluru

3 thoughts on “? Question of the Day ?

  1. Teach the children! All of the children, and tiny bit by bit the thinking can change. Also, I think Russell makes a good point. Often fear is the basis of conflict, fear and not understanding. Open discussions – education and direct involvement by all concerned.

  2. Conflict dispute resolution is critical. Not only changing a communities or individual’s think is important. Having all parties sit and discuss together. A moderator is essential. Tea, coffee, biscuits in a welcoming & friendly environment. Where individuals can feel safe to express their issues. I’ve done this with groups on many occasions. Not one of my sessions or meetings were unsuccessful. Conflict/dispute resolution, presenting history. Listening intently to everyone’s history, pain & anguish. It works. I’ve proven it.

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