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Butler questions benefit of Coober Pedy housing plan

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Brian Butler

There is doubt about the benefits of a transitional housing facility for Aboriginal people in Coober Pedy, a member of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, Brian Butler has warned.

The South Australian Government announced the construction of the $3.4 million facility would be brought forward to stimulate the building industry.

Mr Butler is an Elder with long experience in housing and policy issues for Indigenous people and doubts the facility will benefit Aboriginal people.

Mr Butler said Coober Pedy had many services already and resources established in more remote locations with the input of people from the area would be more beneficial.

“I strongly believe from past practices, from past programs that have come to Coober Pedy, Aboriginal people really haven’t benefited from those programs,” he said.

He said there are existing facilities that could be better used, rather than building new ones.

“If they need to develop anything, they should build on what they’ve already got, instead of planning to set up some new thing that’s not going to have the input of Aboriginal people,” he said.

“They’ve got to own the program, they’ve got to own anything that comes in.”


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