Purchase your limited edition commemorative Tent Embassy T-Shirts on the NIT website now!

For those of you who loved my t-shirt at the recent SNAICC National Conference 2013 held in Cairns last week, here is your chance to get a hold of one of our limited edition Tent Embassy T-Shirts for yourself, without having to line up outside my hotel room door to get the shirts off my back LOL!

Yours in unity through Lateral Love and Spirit of care for all humankind, Nicci 



Purchase your limited edition Tent Embassy T-Shirts. The National Indigenous Times is proudly selling commerative T-Shirts from the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy for just $25.00 plus P&H.

With the shirt you can choose to receive a complimentary copy of issue 248 of the National Indigenous Times which had a 20 page gloss wraparound honouring the Tent Embassy anniversary.

This is a token to remember the year when the tent embassy protest confronted the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition personally.

Sizes that are available are small, medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL.

To order your T-Shirt simply call 1300 786 611 or email kathy@nit.com.au

Visit the National Indigenous Times online at http://nit.com.au/tentembassyt-shirts.html


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