We need your help to continue to build WHEELCHAIRS FOR KIDS

We need your help to continue to build wheelchairs. To date 26,000 children’s wheelchairs have been made and delivered to 66 countries!

The Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation is seeking your kind donation so that Wheelchairs for Kids may continue to build wheelchairs for disabled and disadvantaged  children in developing countries, thereby giving them the opportunity to be educated and to participate in their communities. Having a wheelchair will not only give the children a degree of independence, it will also relieve the pressure on their families.

Wheelchairs for Kids is a volunteer run organisation, and in 14 years has built and donated more than 26,000 children’s wheelchairs – to 66 countries. We build more than 340 hardened up wheelchairs each month and in accordance to World Health Organisation guidelines.
Wheelchairs for Kids relies on donations and support but is made possible only because of some 100 plus retirees who give of their time freely to make wheelchairs for children who would otherwise go without. Millions more kids wait but every wheelchair makes a difference.
The Foundation is seeking to secure the long-term future of the organisation, to own the site of its factory and to increase its output and therefore to continue helping the children of our world.
You can make a direct deposit to the Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation
ANZ Bank
BSB: 016261
ACC: 267255563
An acknowledgment and receipt of your donation in addition to any Bank or Paypal receipt you download or are provided can be arranged by emailing Gerry Georgatos, Manager The Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation on the details below. Once The Foundation has received your donation they will provide a receipt from The Foundation.
Gerry Georgatos
The Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation

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