Trigger Warning – Suicide Crisis Summit meet with Premier Colin Barnett

Trigger Warning

Video of the delegates from the Suicide Crisis Summit meeting with Premier Colin Barnett held by Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation on 21st May 2013 regarding the suicide epidemic across our communities…

Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation executive officer Robert Eggington presented a list of outcomes from the meeting with the Commissioner for Mental Health Eddie Bartnik and others to Premier Colin Barnett later on Tuesday. 

Concerns to be raised at the meeting included the alarming number of Nyoongahs taking their own lives.
“It’s an absolute epidemic,” Mr Eggington told ABC radio on Tuesday.
“It’s obviously really worrying in the last three to four months with the spate of suicides that have ravaged our community and families.”
He said other concerns included high rates of incarceration among Aboriginal men and indigenous impoverishment in an otherwise affluent nation.
“Nyoongah men per head per population are the highest imprisoned men on the planet,” Mr Eggington said.

One thought on “Trigger Warning – Suicide Crisis Summit meet with Premier Colin Barnett

  1. Help Dumbartung by fighting against racism in Australia, telling the governments to give full equal rights and Land Rights to the First Australians, a treaty with the First People, stop the Bogus history wars, and most importantly sign this petition. Dumbartung is under attack and is being tried to close down, its operations have halted so please sign this petition and e-mail the Indigenous Land Corporation to demand Dumbartung’s historical/memorial/cultural museum and Healing Center for those lost to the aboriginal suicide epidemic, as well as art programs to help incarcerated aboriginal people and programs for aboriginal women victims of domestic violence. here is the link to the petition and e-mail to the ILC and ILC e-mail

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