Bush Wok Cooking

Gotta love the video recording of a recent BushWok Outdoor Cooking Competition held at Ross River via Alice Springs recently for the MacDonnell Shire Youth Jamboree.


Abundant thanks to David Nixon for fine camera work and editing

BushWok Cooking works at the remote Aboriginal community level and organises large-scale pop-up outdoor participatory catering events and cooking competitions, an innovative “edutainment” approach to teaching and promoting healthy cooking.
BushWok Cooking (ABN 32146439415) is centrally located in Alice Springs and provides nutrition promotion services to remote communities in South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland as well as the Northern Territory.

BushWok Cooking is a for-profit social enterprise that works at the urban town camp and remote Aboriginal community level and is pioneering the organizing and facilitating large-scale outdoor participatory catering events and cooking competitions, an innovative “edutainment” approach to teaching and promoting healthy cooking and eating where it is most needed.

Our aim is to stimulate public health nutrition action through sharing healthy food preparation and cooking skills and techniques, and to inspire all of our clients to become healthy cooking and nutrition ambassadors for better public health.

This is achieved through promoting and promulgating an engaging and uplifting community-focused program that:
– brings community together around healthy cooking and eating
– is mobile, self contained, and can be conducted anywhere the community wants
– is an inclusive “whole-of-community” event, and engages 50 to 70 community residents – women and men, young people and old people – all preparing and cooking food together at the same time
– produces a quick, nutritious, fresh and tasty banquet for up to 200 community members to share and enjoy
– has a strong nutrition, health promotion and community-building focus, and
– encourages participants to adopt healthy cooking and eating practices for the long term.

BushWok Cooking complements the nutrition promotion services provided by others and provides an engaging educational activity designed to motivate and trigger the adoption of improved cooking techniques. Making healthy cooking and eating both desirable and rewarding motivates people to modify their food preparation practices so that new cooking behaviours can become sustainable habits.

These outdoor events also provide an opportunity to share healthy lifestyle choices to help reduce the risk of developing preventable chronic diseases, including:
– Eating healthy food;
– Doing regular physical exercise;
– Seeing a doctor annually for check ups and management of any existing illness;
– Giving up smoking (or not taking it up); and
– Drinking alcohol at safe levels or not at all.

BushWok Cooking events bring fun and enjoyment into the community. This not only ensures that your overall program is a social triumph, but also contributes to community harmony and wellbeing through the goodwill and afterglow that lingers in the community following these positive uplifting events.

More information at http://www.facebook.com/BushWok

For further information about BushWok Cooking, contact

Roy Price, Nutritionist/Dietitian
EthiCal Nutrition Services
POBox 1326, Alice Springs, NT
Ph +61409695949
Skype: ASPrices
Twitter: @BushWok

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