Mindshare “Open your mind!” Writing Competitions

As part of Mental Health Week a Poetry Competition is being run with the theme of “Open Your Mind”. The competition will be run by mindshare, an online mental health community. In 2013 the competition will also include blog’s and short stories (between 1500 and 3000 words).


This competition is open to everyone (not just those who have lived with or experienced a mental illness).  Poets are requested to write poems of 4-12 lines about an aspect of Mental Health and enter under one of the following categories.

Masters: Individuals who are 65+

Youth: 12 to 18 years old

Open RuralApplicants from country areas (all ages)

IndigenousAboriginal /Torres Strait Islanders

Multicultural: Individuals with multicultural descent

CarersA person caring for someone with a mental health issue or illness

Open MetroIndividuals who live in the local metropolitan area  (18- 65yrs)

Short stories and blog competitions are also open. The Open Your Mind competition closes 16th September 2013. For more information please visit: http://mindshare.org.au/openyourmind/competition/

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