Just what don’t they understand?


Life long advocate for change for our people, Brian Butler questions “Just what don’t they understand? The only thing that is going to solve the problems of this country is LATERAL LOVE, yet we still hear people say “what are we going to do?”.

‘They’ being humanity collectively, all people, our own people, people working on committees, on boards and within institutions, Government and non-Government agencies, the whole lot!
The only way to move forward from this dire position we find ourselves in, is through Aboriginalisation of mainstream policies, practices and programs and it starts with each and every one of us in our own homes, within our own families and communities.
Lateral Love is built on the core principles of Sharing, Caring, Nurturing, Love and Respect as the way forward for all of humanity, most importantly for our Aboriginal and Islander (including the Torres Strait) children and grandchildren to be enabled to reach their full potential by severing, once and for all, the negative cord to trans-generational and inter-generational trauma.
Contact Brian Butler on:
Nicci & Brian
Telephone: +61419801085

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