Media Release – Bootu Creek news alert!

1 August, 2013

The long-running case of the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) versus OM Manganese Ltd (the ‘Bootu Creek’ case) will be decided upon in Darwin Magistrates’ Court on Friday 2 August.

AAPA has brought two charges of desecration of an Aboriginal sacred site, and one charge of breaching an authority certificate, against OM Manganese under the NT Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act.

It is the first-ever contested case of desecration brought against a mining company under Australian law.

AAPA CEO, Dr Ben Scambary, and custodians of the ‘Two Women Sitting Down’ sacred site invite media representatives to a news conference to discuss the implications of the Court’s decision.

The news conference will be held at … 15:00hrs (CST) Friday 2 August at AAPA’s offices, 4th floor RCG Centre, 47 Mitchell Street, Darwin.
Enquiries: Peter Bonner 0422 283 714
Malene Bjornskov (08) 8999 4362 0400 665 311

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