The 4th of August is National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day 2013

Published on 9 Jul 2013
This year National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day is all about standing up for child rights. It’s about creating a space for people to come together and discuss children’s rights issues, to work together to improve mutual understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s rights, and to band together to protect these rights.

To get the message out there SNAICC has produced beautiful animated 30 second Television Advertisement. The ad is screening far and wide around Australia from free-to-air television to subscription television. Set against the music of Paul Kelly’s “From Little Things Big Things Grow” the ad tells the story of one Aboriginal boy and the things that keep him strong.

As the young boy says “my family, my community and my culture all keep me strong. So can you”.

The ad was directed by Nick Butera, artwork design by Caroline Mudge, animation by Georgie Pinn, sound design by Mnemonic Audio, and most importantly brilliantly voiced by the deadly Lelly Cooper. Music was provided by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia

Please share far and wide.

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