Quote of the Day from Teaching Truly

Quotes from Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream Education by Four Arrows (Don Trent Jacobs)

Responsibility is demonstrated by honoring one’s word, by continually working to improve one’s performance, and by willingly taking on a job  or duty that one believes is going to help another. Responsibility is also demonstrated by showing that one is “able to respond” to the needs of others, by going the “extra mile” when someone needs help, by looking for ways that one can make a situation better and then acting on it without being told. According to Navajo traditional values, we show responsibility by protecting those who are weaker or in danger and by nurturing those who need to know they are cared for. To be truly responsible, we need to be able and willing to protect and nurture ourselves and others.” ~ Teaching Truly Pg 55

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