Vote NO for Recognition!

By Andrew Jack Davis
As a 48 year old Barngala, Ngarrindjeri, Kookatha man, I have no desire to be recognised under the Australian Government’s Constitution that covers a land mass that was unlawfully “colonised” by murderous, lying, deceiving invaders.

Today’s politicians are no different to the criminals that colonised our beautiful lands over 200 years ago. They still lie, deceive, promote bullying and lateral violence, all in the name of progress – just as their ancestors did from 1788. The only difference is that they are now much more versed at doing this by stealth.

Their Constitution is based on lies and I firmly believe (as I always have stated) that Constitutional Recognition will further erode our rights as the truly lawful owners of this country now known as Australia.

Native Title is achieving its desired outcome; divide and conquer.

Why are our own people signing away our country and culture? FOR GREED, that is why.

They’re not only dividing families, but also our cultures, heritage and more than 60,000 years of history!

Lateral Violence in it’s most blatant and vile form – and the perpetrators of this know exactly who I am talking about. Just watch out for Karma! It will get you in the end.

When this country has honest, respectful leaders (in the truest sense of the word leader), I might begin to vote, but until then I’ll just keep having my say where it really matters – my true community people that are here for us, not for themselves.

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