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Speak up if you know what happened to Crystal Williams

August 25th, 2013

Crystal's family never forget.

Crystal’s family never forget.

A little over a year ago, 19 year old Crystal Williams was found dead at a Perth roadside. Her family is yet to recover from the shock news, devastated by the senseless loss of their eldest child.

Crystal’s aunt, Angela Tassone, formerly a police officer, said the family is still reeling from losing Crystal. The young Noongar woman was the first grandchild of two Noongar families, her paternal side, the Williams family, and on the maternal side, the Tassone family.

“Crystal was very special to all of us, being the first grandchild. She was a beautiful girl, kind and gracious, someone who looked out for everyone else, especially her younger sisters,” said Ms Tassone.

Police have not been able to resolve who murdered Crystal. One year later the family is appealing for information so the family can have some closure. Ms Tassone is a committee member of Thousand Flowers, an organisation that seeks to educate women to protect themselves against violence. Ms Tassone lives Crystal through Thousand Flowers.

19 year old Crystal just before her death

19 year old Crystal just before her death

Crystal’s mother, Stasha Tassone is appealing for anyone who may have any information that can shed light on Crystal’s death to contact Crime Stoppers.

“We know deep down in our heart that something went terribly wrong that night. We would like some answers,” said Ms Stasha Tassone.

“She was only 19 and had everything to live for. When she went out she always said she will come back, but this time she didn’t.”

“It’s really hard not seeing her beautiful face at the table before leaving for work.”

“Her sisters are lost without her big sister here. Her little brother, Bussy, misses her a lot. He blows kisses at her photos when he wakes and goes to sleep. As parents we find it hard to sleep at times and can’t come to terms with it. We have to stay close and stay strong.”

“We need people to think about where they were that night and if they saw anything to please contact the police. It may seem insignificant but may help police.”

The Noongar community attended a remembrance for the families Tassone and Williams on Monday 19 August for Crystal, while the families have called out for anyone who knows anything to come forward.

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