A call for support from Lateral Love Ambassador Gerry Georgatos


WikiLeaks is still a real chance, but only if you make it happen, for history and for all our sakes. Soon I
will be in the Supreme Court again refusing to have my journalism removed from the public record. I
will once again stand alone but solid in my integrity with the smash of legal consequence all around me.
Who is there to help me, there isn’t anyone… Shield laws? When will they eventuate? They won’t
without WikiLeaks in the Senate, the rest is talk. I don’t know of any other journalists who have stood as
I have stood unrepresented refusing to allow the truth removed from the public record, from the public
WikiLeaks Senators are desperately needed but we can’t do it without your primary vote… We are a
real chance if enough of you vote for us straight up, and then do your preferences as you like.
WikiLeaks can’t do the paid advertising, doesn’t get the fair press, can’t respond to many attacks on us
because we don’t have the resources to be heard or given a fair audience, because we are still young…
however we can have you, people power, your vote, the spreading of the word, the common sense and
heart and soul of those who think deeply about the imperatives that WikiLeaks is… For WikiLeaks
Senators in Vic (Assange), NSW (Tranter) and WA (myself) we need you to spread the word day in day
out everywhere, everywhere, to everyone you know.
As a few have now said to me, if by miracle or prayer, through your primary vote, I were to be elected to
the Senate, “…you would not be forgotten” -this from people I have represented in Tribunals, this from
people I have fought for that others would not touch, this from people who I got the justice or some
justice for that others could not or would not, this from people who reminded me of the sacrifice I
made and the persecution I endured when I blew the whistle in a particular institution, where I had sat
on its board, and after exhausting every mechanism to eliminate cultures of wrong-doing and to remedy
ills, one morning some years ago I then emailed the thousands of souls who made up that institution… “I
will never forget that open letter you emailed that morning… you changed everything for all of us for the
better from that day onwards… that’s why I came here for this evening, for you, because you are who
should be in the Senate… I am praying for you…”
The circumstance where I am a chance for the Senate will never arise again, and in the week left to
September 7 I am on edge, nervous in the hope that people will indeed spread the word, day in day out,
that you will all dig deep to see why I’m needed in the Senate, a never-before-seen type in the Senate,
who will carry with him unheard voices, untold narratives, who will stand up and be counted in such a
sustained way that on all I know and live by who will right wrongs and like those who stand with me in
this campaign where we have been beaten around but still stand, we will expose corruption, correct the
records, bring on the truth, challenge everything that needs to be challenged.
I have spent a lifetime among our poorest, the homeless, among the impoverished of our First Nations
peoples, among our most disadvantaged and at-risk, those who injustice scorns, and if I am elected their
voices will be heard, most of them for the first time, in the Senate.
If I were to be elected to the Senate, my running mate Suresh Rajan, former president of the Ethnic
Communities Council WA, president of Epilepsy WA, president of the National Disability Alliance, he
would be remain right by my side, his expertise and lived experiences would also add their weight and
guidance to the Senate, to Canberra, to Australia.
I ask that you dig deep for a few minutes of why I am running alongside Julian Assange for the Senate,
and seek the truth in all this, and why I and Suresh have put ourselves out like we have, and
contemplate what it will mean to have three WikiLeaks Senators, and to contemplate what it will mean
to have a Senator Julian Assange, and contemplate what it will mean to have a Senator Gerry
I ask not only for your important primary vote, I ask that you share this far and wide, Facebook it,
Twitter it, Linkedin, and so on, email it, and just keep on speaking to everyone. Much respect.
Authorised by Gerry Georgatos, WikiLeaks Party WA Senate candidate, PO Box 519 Fremantle, 6959

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