Lateral Love Australia Song of the Week

Friday 30 August 2013 – Lateral Love Australia Song of the Week

LNT – ‘Since The Dreaming’

Published on 24 Nov 2012

Created in October 2012 as part of a 4 week community project in the one of the more remote indigenous communities in the Central Desert – Alparrurulam, NT. Located around 7hrs from Alice Springs, and 3hrs from Mt Isa.

The concept behind this project looked at using music, film and storytelling to celebrate local culture and community, and bringing attention to the issue of healthy living and cultural pride in NT communities.

‘Since The Dreaming’ is the second of four songs to come out of a partnership between Desert Pea Media and Barkly Shire Council in October 2012. It will be included on a DVD compilation to be released later in this year.

Artistic Director Toby Finlayson
Music Director Joel ‘Roc West’ Westlake
Written,Shot and edited by Toby Finlayson
Co-facilitated and directed by Yze and Orb

Awesome team.

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