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We are starting a fevolution @ SevGen. Enterprise-Education-Entrepreneurship. A model for the world!

A ‘revolution’ conjures up feelings of conflict. An ‘evolution’ feels peaceful but is far too slow for the urgency that is needed. What we need is a fast evolution fevolution…


Join the SevGen ‘fevolution’!

Out of the mouth of one of our passionate supporters:

“Attention Everyone who believes in individuality.. If your a free thinker, if you question the system, if your not prepared to stomach the bullshit that the education system hand feeds each growing and new generation then have a read of this, and share it. SevGen is the hope of the future accommodating to each individuals personal style, without squishing them into societies mould”

The Need


Drawing on well researched evidence that the current education system does not cater for a staggering 70% of us (also see video below), our campaign will get you thinking.

In your education experience

were or are you a

Fitter, Spitter or a Submitter?

Broadly. a Fitter has no complaints about their education experience and it has or is serving them well. A Spitter has lots of complaints about their education experience, they may have even been suspended or expelled and the local creek, the park, or their friends house was their classroom (hmmmm me thinks they call that wagging it). A Submitter endured their education experience and it left alot to be desired.

So which one are you?

If you consider yourself a Fitter (or are a tired teacher) support this campaign it will provide an alternative for those intense spitters and lifeless submitters and get them out of the classroom.

If you consider yourself to be a Spitter or a Submitter then support this campaign because the intention and purpose of SevGen will speak to you and may even stir up that squashed creative passion.

Who knows we might even see you there!

The approach


SevGen: A loving, living, laughing, listening and learning place. Our team have crafted an amazing 3E model that is going to fevolutionise education.

To our knowledge this could be the first of it’s kind in the world, there is certainly nothing like this in Australia. However, the simple yet deeply effective SevGen PAPPA© principles are trending in emerging Education, Sustainability and Community Led Development fields.

Think Sir Ken Robinson, Ernesto Sirolli, Meg Wheatley, David Suzuki, Peter Ellyard, Otto Sharmer, Stuart Brown, and Ikujiro Nonaka,

The Result


A SevGen experience will help you understand how intelligent you are.

A SevGen experience will have you motivated to learn.

A SevGen experience will unleash the unstoppable you.

How did it come about?

SevGen was born out of an intergenerational story of disconnection but the spark that started the fire was a walk home from school one day…

Fuelled and stoked over the years SevGen has been whipped up into a full blown raging initiative receiving a letter of commendation from the Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland as an innovative and visionary concept and spoken of by academics as a model for the world.

Help get us to the Social Marketplace Event in Sydney
The Social Marketplace


We need to share the story, raise awareness about SevGen and attract funds now amongst visionary philanthropists, savvy investors and generous individuals.

We are Investor Ready, and need a Ripe and Ready Audience to connect with. Enter the Social Marketplace event where all players interested in impact investment in Australia are gathering over 2 days to participate in an interactive experience.

We believe that this is the forum to cultivate the healthy SevGen virus. So throw away those tissues, get ready to be infected, sneeze and spread the virus!

To Market, to Market to nab us an Investor!

The Social Marketplace

Tipping Point Goal: $4,000

Total Funding Goal: $12,000

Crowdfunding has amazing potential!

and in other words

‘Many hands make light work’

So far this social impact initiative has been 100% funded by Terri herself and we think it would be awesome to lend a hand.

We have set the tipping point at an amount that will cover the costs for one of our dream team to attend the event. Reaching the full funding goal will get the trinity of management (Sirolli 2012) dream team there and give us the best chance of pitching right!

Participant registration $1000 X3= $3000

Airfares $400 x 3= $1200

Accomodation and Meals $700 x3= $2100

Transport $300

Presenter fee $1500 x3= $4500

Advertising/Promotions/Marketing collatoral= $500

Incidentals: $400

and the dream team is…

Terri (Creator and Director) is a DTulua descendent living on the Sunshine Coast. Described as a Dream Weaver, Dream Chaser, Dream Achiever Terri is a visionary who believes there is a different way to be educated or as Terri says ‘grown up’. Born to nurture, Terri’s love of people and their true and full potential has sung her to the role of Director of SevGen.  Terri is also a majority partner and co-creator in Edgeware Indigenous; a creative enterprise education course that has inspired and supported a wide rang of new Indigenous owned and operated cultural and creative businesses. Terri also has a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, Certificate IV in Project Management, Certificate IV TAE, Certificate IV Small Business Management and is currently undertaking a Certificate IV in Community Work. Terri has presented her work in a series of Community Led Development Workshops throughout South East Queensland and was published in the Social Alternatives magazine in 2012.

Steve (Business Manager) Steve and Terri have been friends for many years and came together again as SevGen developed. Coming on board firstly to offer his expertise in Property management and taking charge of finding a suitable property, Steve soon caught the SevGen virus and has morphed into the Business Manager.

Adam (Financial Advisor) Adam has recently come on board to take SevGen to the next level. While Adam has a hard accounting head he has a strong heart vibration. A very unusual mix but one that fits perfectly in the SevGen team.

Naomi (Communications and Marketing Coordinator) Naomi admits she has had little experience in marketing and communication however, her love of people, her compassionate and kind nature and her honest and open heart make her a natural fit for our communications and marketing coordinator.  Naomi is being advised, supported and mentored by Matt who has offered his expertise in an advisory capacity.

SevGen Council of Elders guide the development and growth of SevGen. The Elders are David, Jeremy, Lyndon, Nicole, Jenny and Brian.

Many other people deserve a mention and form the SevGen Journeyperson’s Database that now numbers 172. Each Journeyperson has had a one on one sitdown with us where we have shared stories and identified the value and benefit of being a SevGen supporter (AKA a ‘SevGennie’).

If you want to find out more visit our website or contact us by email and your enquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate dream team member.

Final Word!

Hailed as a model for the world


on a fast track to scaling up

It’s time

to get aboard the

SevGen Express

– See more at:

6 thoughts on “Organisations Doing Good Things ~ SevGen

    • Thankyou fatherheavenmotherearth for the WOW response, it really is heart warming. We are stepping into adventurous concepts and it is pretty exciting. One of our mantras Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Lieve, Be Beiber!
      Will thankyou on our facebook page and website.

    • Thanks Honest-To-God Jo. Have left a comment on your website and will thankyou on our website and facebook. Your website is awesome. I felt immediately connected and cared for.

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