Community Announcement – Positions Vacant Coffs Harbour and Sydney

Dreamtime Publications - Coffs & Sydney

Retune Indigenous Liaison Officer Roles


The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has contracted Dreamtime Public Relations to communicate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around Australia about the Retune. More information about Retune can be found at

ILOs will be required to distribute information, answer questions, coordinate events and meetings and collect information about people’s awareness and experience of the Retune.

CONTRACT PERIOD (subject to change):
People in Coffs Harbour will need to retune on 04 March 2014 and Sydney 18 March 2014.
Training: 1 day TBA (subject to change).

The position is part time – 15 hours maximum per week over 6 week period

ILOs will be paid between $250 per day including for the training day.
If warranted, travel and accommodation to Adelaide for training will be paid for if required or training may take place at the Retune site area.

It is expected that the ILO will be available and will commit to the whole program described above in the Contract Period. There may be further opportunities to work in other nearby areas next financial year.
The roles are part time, but the ILO is expected to be available to take phone calls and communicate with people at various times including some out of normal business hours work.

Strong connections with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community in Wollongong – ideal for an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person.
Reliable communicator able to communicate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from teenagers to elders. Able to communicate with project managers and Departmental staff.
Ability to work with minimal supervision.
Current Driver’s License and ability to use vehicle.
Working mobile telephone able to take phone calls.
Home computer with email address, and computer skills to be able to send and receive emails.
Attention to detail and ability to fill out forms, surveys and perform other data collection tasks.

To find out more call Tania Taylor on 08 84637904 or email

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