9 – 13 OCTOBER 2013

Mbantua Festival – Awakening the Desert is a historic new initiative for Alice Springs and Australia. Experience a full program that brings together hundreds of Indigenous performers from across Central Australia celebrating Ceremony & Culture, Music, Theatre & Events, Workshops, Art and Film Screenings. We invite you to awaken the desert this October.


What does Arrulka Business Aboriginal Corporation (ABAC) do?

Arrulka Business is an Arrernte owned Aboriginal Corporation operating in Alice Springs. The ABAC  specialises in Indigenous Events Management, and Communications Planning, Recruitment and Retention, Indigenous Engagement, Diversity in the Workplace Training, Career Mentoring and Consultancy Services including cultural advice.

With offices in Sydney, Alice Springs and Melbourne Arrulka has a dynamic team of highly experienced and skilled individuals to assist business, government, and Indigenous organisations to find appropriate business and people solutions.

ABAC is the sponsoring body, in-conjunction with the Aboriginal Benefits Account administered through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FAHCSIA) of the Mbantua Cultural Festival Alice Springs 9 – 13 October 2013.

Arrulka Business Corporation’s Products and Services include:

•    Indigenous Events and Communications
•    Community Festivals
•    Employment Solutions (Permanent, Temporary and Contract Recruitment)
•    Project Recruitment
•    Indigenous Recruitment, Retention and Engagement Strategies
•    Career Mentoring Services

Located in the heart of Alice Springs, ABAC services clients nationwide and is a leading Aboriginal Business Corporation.
For further information about ABAC or our Services, please contact T: 08 8953 4000.

Another World Class major Indigenous performance showcase awaits…

The mission of the Mbantua Festival is to celebrate and promote, with pride, the culture and heritage of the desert communities of Central Australia.

Building on the experience and success of organising the Yeperenye Federation Festival in 2001, co-Artistic Directors Nigel Jamieson and Rachel Perkins are answering the need and want for more Indigenous cultural celebration in Alice Springs.

A festival to restore pride, empowerment and belonging to the Indigenous community.

A key purpose of the Mbantua Festival is to assist in creating innovative tourism experiences, build local enterprise and to encourage the capacity development of our youth, providing them a means for constructive engagement with cultural and heritage activities.

School groups and interested tourists will be encouraged to interact with, learn about and participate in Indigenous culture, while Indigenous communities will be brought together to celebrate and promote their culture and heritage.

The Mbantua Festival will offer a new wave of cultural celebration, positivity and promotion of traditions, language dance and art in a time of political volatility and social decline.

It is an opportunity to change the way you view the world. Take a unique adventure through the authentic experience of Central Australian Aboriginal Desert cultures and communities. Buy your tickets today so you don’t miss out!

Awakening the desert with culture, music and arts.

The festival will feature a range of stories told through the song and dance, arts and crafts, foods, music, healing and harmony, tours, exhibitions, and environmental and sustainable desert living projects.

Held in the heart of Alice Springs, this festival will prove to be an educational and entertaining experience, bringing communities together and providing employment and volunteering opportunities.

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