In The Media – Warren Mundine outlines his long term strategy for the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Committee

Strong Culture, Strong Economy

Peter Botsman
2 December 2013


Beyond white man’s politics.. Warren Mundine outlines his long term strategy for the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Committee

After announcement of the membership of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Committee Warren Mundine outlines his long term vision. The goal is to enshrine the advisory committee as a permanent body of government.

As articulated by Mundine the advisory committee is borne from frustrations and problems arising from difficulties governments have had in implementing change and action for Aboriginal communities. Yes there have been advisors – formal and informal before – but Mundine’s concept of a permanent Indigenous advisory committee that may change membership with government, but would still remain intact as an entity, is worth considering by both sides of politics. Where other leaders are charismatic and articulate, Mundine is simply tenacious at following through.

Mundine is also quick to point out that the advisory committee is not a representative body. That job falls to the National Congress of First Australians whom Mundine pays respect and due to in the interview. He says they may disagree at times, but that his ear is always open to the views of Indigenous representatives – a view distinct from other Indigenous advisors who are close to the Abbott government.

In a refreshing interview Mundine argues that the good things that are happening in Aboriginal Australia need to happen quicker, wider and more extensively, the bad things, such as high juvenile incarceration rates, need to be nipped in the bud. Mundine sees his committee playing a major role in ironing out the problems and in particular focusing on economic development. He also sees his committee helping steer government through the many shoals and pitfalls of Indigenous policy.

The full podcast of the interview is available by downloading the pdf written precis of the interview.

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To obtain the precis of this interview and the link to the podcast go to and follow the links.



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