Ambassador News Archives – Auntie Pat Leavy

I never thought I’d be a mother to more than 60 – ABC Gold & Tweed Coasts – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

3 September, 2010 4:31PM AEST

I never thought I’d be a mother to more than 60

Aboriginal Elder Aunty Patricia Leavy has opened her front door to kids who need a safe home. In her 60s there is no sign she will be stopping anytime soon.

Aunty Patricia Leavy was one of the first recognised Aboriginal foster carers in Queensland.

Despite having three children of her own, and looking after many family members, Aunty Pat has been a mother to more than 60 children in need of love and a home.

At 64 years old she’s still got a full house providing a home to seven.

Aunty Pat is also known for her voice in the community, her passion for the rights of Indigenous people, her trademark dreadlocks and wicked sense of humour.

I knew Aunty Pat had a great story having interacted with her professionally and socially for more than 20 years, and have grown up with many of her children.

We did the interview over a long cuppa with some laughs and tears shared.

It was important for me to see Aunty Pat’s reaction to the final piece and seeing her emotionally moved was confirmation that I had told her story properly and acknowledged her contribution to the Gold Coast.

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