Mutual respect between generations – A definition to ponder

We know that our Elders love us, but how do we know if they have mutual respect for us too?

One of the simplest reasons we as the younger generation respect our elders is simply because we love them.

Some of us have been nurtured when we are sick, cooked for, cared for, talked to, taught and loved by our Elders more than life itself.

We love them and we follow them and their words without question.

They show us their love by acts of kindness and care, in their tone of their voice and their willingness to share their knowledge and wisdom with us and we reciprocate by showing respect.

Respect is part of love, love does not exist without respect and respect is one of many signs of love.

Allowing our elders to know that we care for them and respect their actions and words cements our relationship with them and trust organically multiplies.

Life is more meaningful when we have ‘mutual respect’ between our elders and the younger generations by truly modelling the behaviours that generate Lateral Love™ and spirit of care for all humankind through ‘mutually’ caring, sharing, nurturing, loving and respecting one and other.

Nicola Butler © 2014

2 thoughts on “Mutual respect between generations – A definition to ponder

  1. It would be great to have a world full of mutual respect but as clearly seen in today’s society, a lot of our younger generations do not have that. We all see it around us – on the news, in the streets and even at home. This sought of behaviour is not only unacceptable but it’s also damaging to all parties involved.

    I am not only condoling with the older generation as I have seen for myself on numerous times that an elder can also bring disrespect to the younger generations of today.
    I’ve had my share off run ins with both, due to this one thing that many of us do not have…RESPECT.

    For example: I was shopping one day and a teen picked up something off the floor. It was a piece of paper that had fallen to the ground from the older persons pocket. She quickly stopped him to say “Excuse me, you dropped this.” He turned around, snatched it out of her hands and yelled at her “Why did you pick it up,” threw it on the ground and stormed off in a puff.

    Another incident, where an older couple rammed their trolley into a teen that was in front of them, causing excruciating pain to her back heel. I was right there so obviously I went to help her. In the meanwhile all I could hear from this couple was “Bloody teenagers are always in the way and to think we are going to have them run the country one day” and NO apology was given. What is that?

    I don’t need to put any examples here about our younger generation, as I’m sure we all know how most of them are towards others out there today

    Yes, if a lot more of us would learn respect it certainly would make it a better world. Respect is a thing of the past and the most importance of this, is we all need to learn to get that back if you haven’t already got it.

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